kiai-like: the clout of din prevails: fixed vibrations: the elastic | pressure of air commuting through staccato proofs of life: chimed pulse: passengers | slumped



isolines mapping civil motion as a condensation: now the rarefaction | of wee deeds: but this is no vacuum, so deaf: each stop polices | the potential



for a communal quake: not Muzak but noise directs sightlines anywhere | but: the strained urban intervals: their subsonic pace: brute: force volume: | mask



each nervous system: the bass of blood : conduct| 'his and hers' restraint: [silence]: and: less ubiquitous: a nascent obsession with the circumference



of ears: their want : pitched between Krakatoa and breath: what triggers the itch | to grope operatic fracture: admire bell-broken windows | a peal: the cuff