Kai Fierle-Hedrick is a Canadian-American writer and consultant. Born in Toronto, Canada — with subsequent years spent in Buffalo [NY], Baltimore [MD], Montreal [PQ], Cambridge [UK], London [UK], and New York [NY] — she now lives and works in Denver, Colorado. From 2006 to 2009, Kai served as the Managing Editor of How2. Further information about her professional experience is available on LinkedIn or at www.createknowledge.org.



2018: #MeToo: A Poetry Collective [Chicago Review]

2015: Selections from Transference & Volte-Face, Cut Ups (Notebooks 2009-2011) in the anthology Out of Everwhere 2: Linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America & the UK [Reality Street; London, UK]

2013: Walking Harp

2010: Selections from Transference in international multimedia web portal Supernova, including a recording in the site’s audio-visual archive.  

2010: Selections from Transference in the multilingual anthology 11 9 Web Streaming Poetry. Ed. Tzveta Sofronieva [Supernova Editions; Belgrade, Serbia]

2006: Meshworks

2006: Archive of the Now


2009: WEE 3 (I, First by Cara Benson; wee-i by Kathrin Schaeppi; iGoogle by Kai Fierle-Hedrick); three linked chapbooks published in partnership with the Dusie Wee Chap project series [Ellectrique Press &  Dusie Press; Switzerland]

2009: Personages [3rd Dusie Kollectiv, Switzerland]

2008: Spell/ing ( ) Bound [Ellectrique Press, Switzerland] — with Kathrin Schaeppi & Cara Benson

2005: Motion Study [Bad Press: London, UK]

2005: String Theories [Bad Press: London, UK]

2002: Parole; poem commissioned as catalogue text for Italian painter Roberto Caracciolo [Italy]

2001: Meditations On The Artist As Eve, Meditations On The Artist As Desire, Meditations On The Artist As The Artist; in catalogue for the photo-poetic installation Compositions 1, produced by the Echophilia collective & Lotus Eaters Gallery [Montreal, Canada]


2000–11: 24 publications in The Antigonish ReviewRoom of One's Own, Montage, Montage 2001 Poetry Supplement, The FiddleheadPrairie Fire, The Journal of Miscellaneous Reviews, One, Compositions 1 exhibition catalogue, Scrivener, Echolocation, Pages, Skald, HOW2Openned, Pilot, SignalsThe Tolerance ProjectDandelion — plus translations of poems (from the chapbook Motion Study) in the Serbian journal Treci Trg.

Installations & Exhibitions

2010 Sept/Oct:  Exercises: An Installation; in the exhibition Exchange Value at the AC Institute, commissioned by Department of Micropoetics [New York, NY]

2010 March: Chapbooks Spelling ( ) Bound & iGoogle in the exhibition Handmade/Homemade at Pace University [Westchester, NY]

2004 July: A portrait of the site as time; Cambridge University Department of Architecture [Cambridge, UK]. Installation/essay for 3 data projectors & 6 speakers

2001–2002: Compositions 1; Lotus Eaters [Dec 2001] & ArteVista [Jan 2002] galleries [Montreal, Canada]. Installation produced with the Echophilia collective

Musical Collaborations

2011 March 15: Accrual; Lagerquist Concert Hall [Tacoma, WA]. Composition for voice & flute written w/ composer Joseph Di Ponio, premiered by James Brown & Jennifer Rhyne

2005 May 20: Six short pieces for piano after 'String Theories' by Kai Fierle-Hedrick; York University [York, UK]. Collaboration w/ composer Panayiotis Demopoulos, premiered by pianist Sara Nicolls


2010 Sept/Oct: Exchange Values, an on-site/off-site residency; Department of Micropoetics/AC Institute [New York, NY] — a collaboration w/ poet Rachel Zolf exploring a variety of ekphrastic, dialogic, and technological exchanges

2007: Pantoume; hypertext essay, with illustrations by poet/artist Marianne Morris, published by How2 along with an interview conducted by Sophie Robinson [London, UK]


Summer 2007:  Special Feature: Cambridge Experimental Womenʼs Poetry Festival, co-curated with Emily Critchley [How2]

Spring 2007: Review of Fig by Caroline Bergvall [Chicago Review]

Spring 2006: Lifted: in interview with Lisa Robertson [Chicago Review]


2007: The Publishing Game; CD-ROM documenting Diversity In Publishing project engaging teens at City of London Academy to produce a magazine "for youth, by youth", supported by National Magazine Company, London College of Communication, Arts Council England, East-Side Educational Trust. Created with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop & GoLive [UK].

2006: Stories Everywhere! CD-ROM documenting the Stories Everywhere! writing project in Hermitage Primary School, supported by East-Side Educational Trust & Creative Partnerships. Created with Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver [UK].

READINGS & Performances

2012 August: FEELINGS: THE NYC EDITION at Grace Exhibition Space [Brooklyn, NY]

2007 Sept: Pilot, P-Queue & Damn the Caesars Launch at Adam Mickiewicz Library [Buffalo, NY]

2007 March: International literary festival R:Fest [Royal Holloway University of London, UK]

2006 October: UK Small Publishers Fair [London, UK]

2006 October: Contemporary Experimental Womenʼs Poetry Festival [Cambridge, UK]

2006 May: Performance; O3ONE gallery [Belgrade, Serbia]. Read poems for a web-linked performance between London, Prague, Berlin and Belgrade that included live music and video projections.

2006 April: Openned reading series [London, UK]

2005: Cambridge Poetry Series [Cambridge, UK]

2005 June: Partly Writing 4: Writing & the Poetics of Exchange [Bury Art Museum, UK]

2005 January: Forum On Women Writers [BirkBeck College University of London, UK]

2000–2003: Montage Reading Series [Montreal, Canada]