Spelling ( ) BounD

From "Bringing a New Readership to Poetry at Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop" (Poetry Society): ...we often see people drawn in first by our most unusually artisanal and innovative books, like Friedrich Kerksieck's multi-colored books on handmade paper for Small Fires Press or the triple-flip book SPELL/ING ( ) BOUND by Cara Benson, Kathrin Schaeppi, Kai Fierle-Hedrick on Ellectrique Press that allows readers to mix-and-match from the three linear poems to create new horizontal lines of reading. 
From a review on looktouchblogThe amazing thing about Spell/ing () Bound is how fully conceived it is.  There’s not a false step, but there are many surprises. [...] The book performs its own poetics, as each combination comments on its formation.  It’s delightful to thumb-dance through the pages, seeking out new tracks of meaning as the elements collide.