Sponsored By: The Heckscher Foundation for Children

Produced By: Free Arts NYC & Christoff : Finio

Materials: Metal bases, adhesive vinyl, assorted wooden pieces.

Date: 2012

Participant Age Range: Teens

This project — co-designed and facilitated with Carmen J. Hernandez — was a 3-day workshop that produced a permanent installation for the lobby of the Heckscher Foundation for Children [New York, NY]. Each teen designed 2-3 letters. To support teens' creative process we dedicated time solely to exploring the properties and potential of the materials they were using; and we specifically prompted teens to play with elements of composition, negative space/transparency, and relief in their designs. We also supported the teens' exploration of composition, negative space/transparency, and relief  through group discussions of how those elements were deployed in artworks by Diana Guerrero-Macia, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Louise Nevelson.